Ann Birstein

The Last of the True Believers

"The Last of the True Believers is funnyand sad: the most powerful fictive portrait I know of the generation that matured in the fifties. Birstein's vigorous style is a delight: her artistry animates every scene. The Last of the True Believers is not only brilliant social commentary; it is a beautiful love story--one that will endure." --Hugh Nissenson

Selected Works

It's the mid-1970's, a time of political and social turmoil. Watergate is on everybody's mind, and the women's movement is the subject of much contention.
"Ann Birstein writes with such fluidity that her novel seems to end only moments after it has begun." --New York Times
"A delicious, readable memoir about the fortunes of a beautiful, intelligent woman in an era when beautiful, intelligent women had no rights." --Erica Jong
"A delightful biography of the author's father." --The New Yorker